Understanding Material Handling Products

If you need to deal with bulk or heavy materials, then you will likely need some equipment to facilitate the process. In many cases, it simply isn't feasible to move and store your goods by hand or with makeshift contraptions. Therefore, you will likely need to purchase, or at least consider, a wide variety of material handling products. To help you out, here is an overview of the most popular product types for transportation:

Tools for Transportation

When you're moving materials, you need to pick the right tool for the job. You don't want to shell out the money for an extensive (and expensive) conveyor system if you just need to unload a few boxes from a truck. On the other hand, a couple of dollies might be woefully insufficient for a large shipment of bulky items.

Carts and Bins

For the movement of small, potentially unorganized materials, you might want to look into carts or bins. The main benefit of these two tools is that they are extremely inexpensive and can easily be moved along even, flat surfaces. However, if you have a heavily sloped floor, then it might be difficult to move a heavy cart against gravity. Since the most basic of carts and bins roll on wheels, an uneven surface could be very hazardous.

Forklifts, Hoists, and Scaffolding

If you need to move materials vertically, then you will likely want to use some combination of forklifts, hoists, and scaffolding. Forklifts are good for moving rectangular or cubic goods a long distance horizontally and a short distance vertically. At the other end of the spectrum, hoists are good for efficiently moving goods up and down very quickly, but usually can't move goods laterally. Scaffolding is nice if you need to move people and goods up and down and if you know that the tool will be needed for a long period of time in a localized area.

Conveyors and Cranes

Finally, conveyors and cranes are good choices for very large scale projects. Installing a conveyor system can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, but it will be incredibly efficient in the long run. There are few better ways than a conveyor to move small goods throughout an area for an extended period of time. Cranes are a little different, in that you aren't likely to purchase a crane for your project. Instead, you will likely rent one from an equipment rental company. Cranes are excellent for moving single, heavy objects from one area to another, regardless of height or distance, as long as it lies in the sphere-like shape of the crane's range. Mobile cranes are also available, but they require wide open spaces in order to maneuver.

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