Take Care Of Your Tires With These 3 Tips

If you are like many drivers, you don't think very much about your tires until one goes flat or you have some other problem with them. Good tires are important for your safety while you're in your car, so use the following tips to help you take care of them.

Check Air Pressure

The air pressure in your tires is very important. If the tires don't have enough air, it is more difficult for the tire to grip the road properly. Not only that, the tires may crack and wear down more easily. If you have too much air in your tires, that could contribute to vibrations while you're driving, as well as blow outs. Usually, pressure requirements are etched into the side of the tires, so when you put air into your tires, you know how much pressure to aim for. You just have to remember to check the air pressure with a pressure gauge on a regular basis, especially before long trips.

When you're checking the air pressure in your tires, it's also a wise idea to inspect the tires themselves for any signs of damage, such as bulges or cracks. If you see signs of damage, check with your mechanic to see if you need new tires.

Check Tire Tread

It is also important to keep an eye on the treads of your tires. The treads assist your tires in gripping the road, and if they have worn down, bald tires might lead to slips and accidents. To avoid problems, simply take the time to check each tire and make sure the treads are still deep. 

To do this, take a quarter and insert it upside down into a tire tread. If it is possible to see space above Washington's head, that's how you know that the tread has worn down too far and the tire needs to be replaced. Do this test on every tire to make sure that the treads are in good shape.

Get Tires Rotated

To make sure that your tires wear down evenly on all sides, it is vital to remember to rotate your tires periodically throughout the year. The front tires should be moved to the back, and the back tires should be moved to the front. Rotating your tires helps you to maintain uniform performance and helps you to avoid flats, since one tire is never worn down more than the others.

Use the information above to care for your tires properly. You may even consider talking to your mechanic or tire specialist, such as Westside Tire, to ensure that you have the right performance tires for your car, so that your tires can keep you safely on the road.