3 Reasons To Replace Your Vehicle’s Tires

Replacing the tires on your vehicle is vital when it comes to making sure that your vehicle operates as it is meant to. However, many people choose to ignore their tires until they go flat or blowout. Replacing your tires can provide you with improved handling, increased safety, and better fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

Having new tires on your car is a great way to boost its fuel economy. The reason for this is that once your tires' treads wear down, they will not be able to grip the road very well. This lack of grip means that your tires have to spin more often in order to make the car move forward.

Since your tires are moving so much more in order to keep the car in motion, your engine has to work that much harder as well. With all of the extra work that your engine is performing, it will need to use more fuel to cover the same distance than it would if you had new tires on the car.


Another reason to replace your tires once your tires begin to have shallow treads is to keep your vehicle's handling responsive. Tires need to be able to grip the road in order to provide responsive handling. Without that grip, you can easily find yourself needing to turn the steering wheel farther in order to make a turn, or to keep yourself from drifting out of your lane while driving.

Another downside to having insufficient tread on your tires is that the handling of the vehicle can be affected to the point where driving the vehicle is dangerous. For example, if changing road conditions or a road hazard show up abruptly, you may not have responsive enough handling to safely avoid an accident.


Finally, you will want to replace your tires in order to keep your vehicle as safe to drive as possible. One way that new tires will make it safer to drive your car is by providing you with enough grip to handle driving in foul weather. Old and worn-down tires are going to be more prone to sliding in bad weather conditions.

In addition, old tires are more prone to blowing out when the tread is worn away. This can easily lead to an accident if the blowout were to occur while you were driving at higher speeds.

Speak to your local auto repair shop or tire dealer in order to discuss whether your tires need to be replaced. New tires can make your car easier and safer to drive, while also providing you with an increase to fuel economy.

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