How To Do Basic Auto Body Repair On Your Own

Repairing small dents in your auto body is actually not all that difficult. Some people are intimidated by auto body repair because they are unfamiliar with the process and the necessary tools. In fact, the tools necessary are very similar to those that you would use to make repairs to wooden surfaces. The main difference is that the process is a little more detailed in the surface is much harder. But, with the right tools you can easily learn to patch and paint small dents on your own car. This article will run you through the process and explain what tools will make the job easier.   

Preparing the Area

Preparing the area that you're going to patch is often the most time-consuming part. First you need to use a semi-fine sandpaper to smooth out the dented area. Try to use paper with grit between 500-700 for painted auto surfaces. Then, you will need to sand over the area again with wet sandpaper. Wet sandpaper can be found in the auto body section of most home improvement stores. It is similar to normal sandpaper, except it is much smoother and needs to be wet to reduce scratching. It usually has a grit count over 2000.

Patching the Area

To patch the area you just need auto body filler putty and a plastic putty knife. You do not want to risk scraping the paint off with the metal knife. Auto body filler dries quicker than wood filler so you need to work quickly. Just scrape it onto the dented area and smooth it out. Of course, you want to make it match with a natural contours of the car. However, you'll not be able to get the surface perfectly smooth and flat with just the putty knife. Once the putty has dried, you'll need to sand down the excess to make the surface blend in. You can use the dry sandpaper for this part of the process.

Painting the Patch

Painting the patched area is very simple if you buy a touch up canister from the auto dealership. It is usually very easy to find factory paint for most automobiles. Most touch up cans have a small paintbrush built into the lid. Is the paint sparingly, but try to blend it in the the existing paint on the car.

For further assistance with dents and dings on your car, contact an auto repair professional, such as one from Road-Mart Tire.