Tips For Installing Your New Car Tires

Properly installing your new tires is an important part of ensuring your vehicle remains safe on the road. After all, these tires will be responsible for carrying your vehicle over thousands of miles before they are ever rotated or balanced. Thankfully, the tips below can help you to ensure this installation process is completed properly.

Tip #1: Always Loosen Lug Nuts Before Lifting Your Vehicle

Loosening the lug nuts on your existing tires will likely require a bit of leverage. Consequently, you will need to complete this process before your vehicle is lifted off the ground.

Tip #2: Position Your Tires Around The Vehicle Before Beginning Installation

If you will be replacing two or more tires, it is important to ensure that each tire is put into its proper position around the vehicle. For instance, you will need to ensure that the tires with the deepest tread are put on the rear of the vehicle to provide the best grip when driving in wet conditions.

If you will be using directional tires, you will also need to ensure that each tire is placed in the proper position to allow them to spin in the intended direction. The best way to avoid making mistakes with the placement of your vehicle is to position the tires around the vehicle before a single tire is installed.

Tip #3: Check For Sidewall Branding In Order To Determine Direction

Regardless of what type of tires you will be using, there should be brand information on the sidewall of the tire that indicates which side of the tire needs to face outward. Checking for this branding is especially important if you will be mounting a new set of tires. A failure to ensure the tires are facing the right direction can result in uneven wear or poor alignment.

Tip #4: Know When Its Time To Get Help

While most vehicle owners will be capable of installing a set of new tires on their own, there will be exceptions to this rule. For instance, if your vehicle's alignment is off or if you are installing used tires that need to balanced, it is always best to leave the installation process to the professionals so that these issues can be addressed at the time of installation. You should also seek out help with your tire installation if you are lacking the proper tools to complete the job. Attempting to complete this task with substandard equipment, such as a damaged or inadequate car jack, could but both you and your vehicle at risk. Talk to places like Lee Tire should you need help along the way.