3 Signs That Your Tires Need Replacement

Every car needs to have tires. It is something that you cannot escape and an expense that you cannot avoid. Usually your tires should last you for a couple years before they need replacing. But is all depends on how much you drive and what kinds of conditions you drive in. It can be hard to know if it is time to replace your tires. Here are a couple ways to know it is time for new tires.

1. Do The Penny Test

The tread on your tires is very important. This will help you get traction when driving on slippery roads, and keep you and the other passengers in the car safe. This is why it is important that you check the tread often. The best way to do this is with the penny test.

To do this test you should take a penny and put it in one of the grooves of the tire. The groove should cover the majority of Abe Lincoln's head. If you see the majority of the penny, then it means that your tires tread have worn down too much and they are no longer safe.

2. The Pressure Isn't Constant

Good tires should be able to hold their pressure. Of course in extreme temperatures you will see some changing of pressure, but for the most part you shouldn't have to fill them often.

If you find that your tires constantly need to be filled, it might mean that you have a slow tire leak. These leaks can be dangerous and if driven on too long can cause a flat while driving.

You can get a slow tire leak repaired, or you can completely replace the whole tire. That is up to you, your budget, and how old your tires are.

3. Vibrations While Driving

When you are driving your car is should feel smooth. If you let go of the steering wheel the car should coast nicely. If this doesn't happen you might need to replace your tires. For example, you might feel the steering wheel shaking while you drive. Or your feet will feel like the ground is vibrating while the car is moving fast.

This can be a very dangerous sign that the tires are on their very last leg. So the moment you notice this, take action!

By understanding the signs that your tires need replacement, you can protect yourself and those in your car. Talk to experts like F & H Tire Co for more information.